2nd Chances Tattoo Removal Program

The 2nd Chances Tattoo Removal Program is a voluntary collaboration between Green Bay Laser Center and Community-Based Groups and Organizations.  The purpose of the program is to offer free tattoo removal to the youth in our area who are making the effort to lead more productive lifes.  The focus of our program is to help former gang members and other young people remove gang related symbols and any other visible tattoos.  Participants are screened for attitute and motivation.  The individual must want to change their life and be willing to donate their time to various agencies and companies.  In exchange for volunteering their time and meeting our programs criteria, Green Bay Laser Center will donate their Laser Tattoo Removal services.


  • Increase positive alternatives to gang involvement through public and private sector collaboration;
  • Reduce violent crime which threatens at-risk youth;
  • Enhance educational opportunity;
  • Encourage participation in job training and basic skills;
  • Cooperate with other community-base groups and organizations;
  • Provide opportunity for community service;
  • Create productive, tax-paying citizens of Wisconsin.


  • Attend 100% of education classes and pass with “C” or better grades;
  • Seek 100% active employment if educational objective has been met;
  • Maintain 100% drug and alcohol sobriety during the period of program participation;
  • 100% participation in a Community-Based Program, Group or Organization;
  • Demonstrate compliance with Youth Participation Agreement and/ or signed Rules of Probation;
  • Improve self-esteem by removing socially stigmatizing and discrediting tattoos;
  • Complete the required amount of community service by each youth prior to each treatment.