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Green Bay Laser and Esthetic Center has developed a range of prices for usual treatments, as listed below for your information. For further information, please telephone Green Bay Laser and Esthetic Center to discuss your needs and arrange a FREE consultation. Our prices for each visit are listed below for your information. During your FREE consultation our trained, qualified and experienced Laser Therapists will assess your skin and hair to determine the best and most effective methodology, and develop a treatment plan to achieve and maintain your appearance. As a guide, to achieve desired results for laser hair removal typically 8 to 12 treatments, 4-8 weeks apart are required. The number of treatments will depend on your skin type and hair color Green Bay Laser and Esthetic Center staff will provide you a reliable assessment of your hair and skin and an effective treatment plan.

Please check with the store for current pricing.

Tattoo Removal Pricing

There are two factors that determine the total cost to remove a tattoo: size and the number of treatments required. The size is measured in square inches, which is determined by multiplying the length by the width. A 1″x1″ postage stamp is 1sq.” and a 2″x3″ business card is 6sq.”. Determining the number of treatments is something that can only be estimated, and there are many factors which go into doing so. The age, color of inks, placement and whether or not it was professionally done are all factors. A home made tattoo may require only a few sittings, while a professional tattoo may take as many as twelve sittings for a complete removal. Unlike many of our competitors, Green Bay Laser Centers pricing formula makes the removal process affordable from start to finish. To help give you an estimate of the cost of treatments, determine the size of your tattoo and refer to the chart below. This will be the cost of your first treatment. What separates us from our competitors is that each subsequent treatment is reduced by 50% with a $100 minimum charge. An example would be; a 1sq” tattoo would cost $200 for the first treatment, $100 for the second treatment and $100 for each of the following treatments. All tattoos 25sq.” or larger are $15 per square inch. Clients can receive additional discounts by purchasing bulk treatments in advance. Most places charge by the square inch without reducing the price for further treatments. With that type of price structure, it’s common for people to only go a few treatments and run out of money before the process is complete. Clients who visit Green Bay Laser Center are eligible for a free consultation with one of our Certified Laser Specialists. To schedule an appointment, feel free to call or use our e-mail form in the office hours section of the website.

1sq.” $200
2sq.” $250
3sq.” $300
4sq.” $325
5sq.” $350
6sq.” $375
7sq.” $400
8sq.” $425
9sq.” $450
10sq.” $475
11sq.” $500
12sq.” $520
13sq.” $530
14sq.” $540
15sq.” $550
16sq.” $560
17sq.” $570
18sq.” $580
19sq.” $590
20sq.” $600
21sq.” $605
22sq.” $610
23sq.” $615
24sq.” $620